main idea

“The increasing demand for specialization in the development and production of pop material requires providers with the capabilities to create innovative solutions that can be quickly and easily mass produced”.

Based on this observation, we have created an organization that understands the client’s needs and develops and designs project proposals always filtered through long and proven experience in the production of multi-material pop items.

A team of creatives, expert developers and industrial designers with solid experience in markets and categories and in the buying behaviour of consumers and buyers at the point of purchase, collaborate closely with expert engineering offices

Wheter it’s one piece or 10,000, this is the type of organization that allows us to go from concept to mass production with consistent quality in extremely short lead times.

In effect, what we propose gets made and fast!

Combining precision and creativity, method and a personalized approach is a strong, growing need.

Either competitive prices and a fanatical approach to on-time deliveries (for simple projects) or highly innovative, outside-the-box thinking and ideas: this is what the great brands that trust us and with whom we have a healthy, ongoing relationship get and expect from us.